Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Where Worlds Collide

Life is always more interesting at the junctions and that's where we are today.

Old media, dominated by companies with big budgets and high production value, are running headlong into the new media, people with nothing more than a home computer and an Internet connection who have the power to reach the world.

Don Hewitt, when asked to explain the success of his show 60 Minutes, would lean in like a child and say "tell me a story." His point: it's that basic. Tell a good story and people will listen.

I'm a storyteller. I started out in journalism and then moved to public relations. When people asked how I made that transition, my answer was simple: "I told stories before and I'm telling them now, not much has changed."

In this new world, where the proverbial "blogger in his pajamas" is going up against CBS, it's the stories that will win, and the people who can tell them the best will get noticed.

As for me, it doesn't matter if those stories are about my children or about the collision of worlds. I just want to tell them.

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