Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Visibility Begins at Home

Alice Marshall, through her blog, directed me to an amusing press release today. The dateline made me laugh.

But then I tried to find out information about the company. When I go to a company Web site, I like to read a bit about it, details like who the founders are, where they're located, what it is they do, who is backing them. This is especially true when the company asks me to download software. How do I know who it's really from?

This site does none of that. It does have a little disclaimer saying that it doesn't have spyware, but to believe that you first have to trust the company itself. I have no evidence to use to trust it.

Yet, ironically, this company deals in a technology that, today, is used primarily to read blogs. Yes, I know that in the future RSS will be so much more, but right now it's about blogs.

Get with the program.

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