Tuesday, January 17, 2006

How Would You Judge This?

I'm a Brandeis grad. In fact, my wife and I donate a bit of money each year. Nothing major, but just a bit to let the school know we care. We loved going there and only live a mile or so away, so we can still visit.

So when the Jack Abramoff story broke, it was with dismay that I read how he also attended Brandeis, though admittedly, he is an anomaly. Most people come out of that school pretty liberal, it's hard to keep a conservative bent. To this day, when planning a function, I instinctively plan to offer both Kosher and vegetarian alternatives for everyone attending.

This past Sunday The Boston Globe did a huge feature about how Abramoff honed his skills way back during his time at Brandeis, ending the story with a quote he gave to the alumni magazine in which he said he "learned a whole lot" while at the school.

You can be forgiven if you come out of the story thinking that Brandeis played a significant role in his life. I think Abramoff had a different impression because today's Justice, the student-run newspaper (for which I wrote, back in the day), has a story noting that Abramoff, despite all his millions, donated a mere $50 to the school over the last quarter century.

In true Brandeis fashion there is some serious discussion in the story given to donating the $50 to charity.

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