Thursday, November 17, 2005

Google: Hey, we're digital!

Google changed the name of its "Google Print" program today, now calling it "Google Book Search."

According to a blog post by Product Manager Jen Grant "Why the change? Well, one factor was all the comments we got about how excited people were that Google Print would help them print out their documents, or web pages they visit -- which of course it won't."

Considering the amount of publicity this project had I can't imagine that many people made that mistake. But maybe I don't give people enough credit for creativity.

In a nod to the fact that Google is, in fact, in the midst of lawsuits over the program, Grant goes on to say "No, we don't think that this new name will change what some folks think about this program. But we do believe it will help a lot of people understand better what we're doing."

Yes, Book Search does define things a little more, but I wonder if it's more of an attempt to distance themselves from becoming Google Publisher.

It seems that marketing is ahead of technology, however, since the site remains

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