Monday, November 14, 2005

Podcasting Benefits

One of the most interesting podcasts on my iPod is the one from LensWork Magazine. I've read the publication somewhat infrequently over the years and came across the show by searching for photography podcasts on iTunes.

The publication itself is known for its careful printing and in-depth articles. A whole different publication from the tips-oriented Popular Photography (which happens to have a good podcast and some wonderful forums as well).

Photography is my main hobby, as I love how everyone can have a camera, but only a few people truly know what they're doing with it. Also, just snapping a picture isn't enough, it's what you do later that makes it go from simple picture to "art."

This podcast is from Editor Brooks Jensen and each short piece is infused with his observations as an experienced photographer. Frankly, there is probably more that he can do with it, such as putting examples of the work he discusses up on his blog. But overall it's a great example of how to produce complementary content using a different form of media.

But what struck me yesterday was that I realized I had a desire to know more and wanted to subscribe to the publication. That's right, I want to spend money to have the old school ink-on-paper publication in my hands.

I'm now negotiating with my wife about our magazine budget.

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