Monday, March 02, 2009

Adorama's Branded Journalism

As noted by Chris Brogan, the publisher of JPG Magazine has been purchased by Adorama and plans to relaunch soon. Not only does it make sense for a camera retailer, but it makes sense for other companies as well. It's another example of the branded journalism concept I talked about here, here and here.

I want to make clear, this is not for every type of journalism. The fact is, political and business journalism still need an independent voice to make it work. However, for most other areas of journalism content is the loss leader. JPG Magazine will bring people to Adorama who are interested in photography. It raises their stature.

Now, every small retailer can't go out and purchase something like JPG, but there are things they can do. For example, why can't a local camera store Tweet information about photo contests and interesting photo exhibits? How about a book stores that publishes its own staff reviews? Today's publishing tools not only make this possible, but make it NECESSARY.

Journalists are on the market today looking for work. These are people skilled in writing, editing, shooting and reporting. Those skills will help grow just about any business in the future.

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