Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boston Solo PR Coffee (Re) explained

I've been getting a lot of questions from people interested in the Boston Solo PR Coffee, what it's for, when it is, etc. So here are some basic facts on the event.

  • Location: Taste Coffeehouse, 311 Walnut Street, Newtonville, Mass.
    Taste is relatively small, but is perfect for our weekly gathering. The owner, Nik, is known for being a coffee fanatic and is quickly earning a following with people who appreciate a wonderful coffee experience in a cozy, neighborhood setting.

  • Time: Tuesday mornings from 9am until around 11, sometimes later.
    It's at 9am because I've found that many solos have children and this gives them enough time to drop the kids at school and then make it to Newton for coffee. It's not a hard start, so people wander in around 9:30, 10 or whenever. They wander out when work calls. This is a casual meetup.

  • Purpose: Many solo PR people used to be with firms where we had a community of co-workers who acted as our editors, brainstorming partners and support groups. Now, as solos, we don't have that instant give and take. Our triumphs and struggles are very different when we're on our own, so we need people who understand this situation.

    The goal of the Boston Solo PR Coffee is to recreate the agency community on a weekly basis, then continue that relationship online. Sure, you'll meet some new people, but this isn't just about networking. It's about building a network of people who you trust and who trust you, people who can become your sounding boards, cheerleaders, pressure valves and colleagues.
We have an Eventbrite listing, if you'd like to sign up, but there really isn't a need. Just come by and say hi. If you can't tell which group is us, just ask Nik behind the counter.

If you want something to put in your calendar, use the button below.


Adam Zand said...

Nice recap and invitation for folks.

I mentioned to Nik yesterday that he could retweet our content from #soloPR and Taste. I wonder if that would help him more or less than the cool article from Edible Boston, Fall '09, p. 15 that you're holding.

Hey, wait, where's my photo credit? ;)

laurak said...

The only thing that could make this better would be if Nik served George Howell/Terrior. Maybe he does?

Chuck Tanowitz said...

Of course he serves George Howell coffee! But only for the drip. His espresso rotates through a series of micro roasters that includes not only Howell, but also Barismo, Ecco, Redeye and Intellegentsia, among others.